God+Success w/ Marie Felt

Dumelang (hello in Sotho). So I did my very first blog interview with a successful woman of God by the name of Marie Felt and she shared with me her success secrets and advice and more. Here is what went down in my interview.


Interview with Marie Felt:

Hi Siphe,

I would like to tgank you for choosing me to part of your journey with God’s Anointed Princesses. What you are doing for your generation will transform and shift lives. I am so very proud of you! – Marie Felt

Thank you very much for accepting my request and it is an honour to be interviewing you. – Siphe

1. Hi Mrs Marie Felt, How are you doing?

Hi Siphe, I am doing well.

2.Please tell the readers a bit about yourself.

I am a Christian who loves Jesys and I don’t mind expressing how mych I live him unapologetically. I am a nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, author, motivational/public speak, mentor, domestic violence advocate and an entrepreneur. I am still working as a nurse and am in the process of writing three books. One is a 21 day intentional prayer fast devotional and the other is a book I am writing with my husband about couples, and women. Everything that I do is to bring awareness, encourage, uplift and inspire. Everything that I do is for the glory of God and to bring Him honor. I owe God everything!

3. What does Success mean to you?

Success to me is the impact you leave upon people who you come I contact with. Success to me is pleasing God with all that you do.

4. What advice would you share with a young upcoming entrepreneur?

Advice I would share with a young upcoming entrepreneur is to seek wise counsel from those who have been where you are trying to go. Consult God in everything you do. One of my favourite scriptures for success is Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

Tips: Trust God, Pray about everything. Your vision is yours never doubt it !

Warning: Don’t let no-one talk you put of the vision God gave to you. Don’t talk about ideas, concepts and visions that God gave you with everyone. Release in due season when God releases you. Don’t go ahead of God’s timing. Take your time this is not a race or marathon it is a journey.

5. What struggles did you face as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

As a new entrepreneur, I encourage everyone to stay true to who they are. Don’t compromise your beliefs, morals, ethics or your relationship with Christ for no amount of money, stage presence or recognition. A few struggles I came across was that I support everyone, even if I don’t really know you, but I believe in what you are doing I support. When it was my turn I didn’t feel I recieved as much support as I gave out, but God had to remind me that I needed to exactly who I am and when I did not change who I was the sipport rolled in. I also did not recieve support from some family and friends which broke my heart in the beginning but God reassured me that I will be supported by whom He sends. How I overcame and work through my struggles is to remember my WHY. Why I do what I do and why it matters.

6. What did you sacrifice to be where you are?

I had to sacrifice time with my spouse, children, and family. I found myself constantly dying to self and putting in lots of work in my free or down time. The sacrifices I made made cause me to see “ME” and who I really was. It made me very humble, diligent and consistent. The more I sacrificed, the more God revealed to me what I can do and the different I would make in the community and the lives I would change and make a difference. The sacrifices I’ve made has shaped me to be exactly who God wants me to be.

7. How do you keep God as the centre of your life in this world that we live in ?

As I stated in the beginning of this interview, I am a Jesus Girl and I’m a radical faith believer and I don’t apologize for it. I put God first in everything and all that I do. I don’t dim who God is in my life because of I may miss out on an opportunity. God is my CEO and I have weekly business meetings with Him where I talk about my business ideas, books, my mentoring and all. I don’t move unless God gives me the okay to do so. We do live in a world where some may not want to hear about God, but that does not make me change or alter who I am and whose I am.

8. What advice would you give your 16-year old self?

I would tell my 16 year old self- Marie, pray about everything, trust in God with every fiber of your being. Your faith eill take you further than any contact, connection or opportunity. Don’t compromise your love for Christ and stand on His word that willnot return void unto you. I would go on to say Marie allow God to lead you and guide you along your journey. If you don’t compromise God’s word, trust the process and hold onto your peace in the midst. God will honor and favor you. This is exactly what I would tell my 16 year old self.

9. What matters most in this fast paced world we live in?

The most important thing that matters to me in this fast paced world is maintaining my relationship with God. I feel if my relationship is maintained he will guide through every obstacle, situation and circumstance.

10. You have a book, please tell us about it and what else are you working in on?

I’ve written one book titled “Broken but Mended” whuch is my testimony of how I went from being broken to whole. It exposes me completely of what I went through and what steps I took to become whole and fulfill the purpose God has mandated over my life. I am currently writing a 21 day intentional prayer fast devotional, and I am in rge process of writing two more books as we speak. You can find my books amd my candles with daily affirmations and declarations from my website http://www.mendingvines.org.

11. Advice you have for ypung people??

The l key message that I want every young person andveven adults know is that you have a voice, you are worthy, valuable and loved. My journey in writing this book was very difficult in the beginning because I never told my mom that I was raped or some rgings I went tgrough. Writing this book helped me to truly heal in areas that I thought I was already healed. You see, sometimes we think we are healed , but we’ve only actually put a bandaid on it. Writing is actually therapy for me. It helps me face things that I had buried “out of sight out of mind”. I wrote my book and will continue to write because I don’t want anyone to tell my story but ME. I endured everything I went through so who can better tell it than me. It’s my truths and I own it. Never let someone tell your testimony or your story for you.

12. Anything else you would like to add or tell the viewers.

I know I have saifd thus many times in previous wuestions asked, but I will always come back to this- trust God, trust your visions abd don’t allow anyone to tell yo that your idea is not real, relevant or will succeed. God gives each of us, it’s your vision and many may not understand or get your vision and it’s ok. It’s your vision!

13. Where can my readers find more of you?

Your readers can find me on all social media outlets.

  • Facebook: Marie Felt and a Like page: Mending Vines
  • Instagram: @mariefelt and @realcouplestruths
  • Twitter: @mariefelt
  • Periscope: @mariefelt

I do a lot of Periscope vand Facebook Live Videos on Faith, Success, and whatever God leads me to speak about. My website is http://www.mendingvines.org

It was an absolute privilege and honor that you chose me to answer some questions that was piercing your heart. I never take for granted any opportunity that God grants me through someone. My motto is and always will be if i can just reach one! Siphe, may all that you do bring glory to God and help your generation be successful without compromising thier relationship with God. You can love God and be successful at the same time. To me, its the only way to be successful is allowing God to be the CEO of your life.

Thank you,

CEO/ Fonder of Mending Vines

Marie Felt


Thank you for taking time to read and learn about Mrs Felt. Do follow her for more. And Don’t forget that Jesus loves you so so much.




Just Like Her: •Esther•

Good day God’s Anointed Princesses and Princes, it’s been a very long minute since I did a Just Like Her post and I’m back with another one and I’m praying it blesses you and me too.

Today we are going to look at the life of Esther and how we are or can be just like her. Ready?

Background on the life of Esther:

Before we can break down Esther’s life into how we can relate to it and apply lessons, we need to do a recap of the story. Esther was a Jewish woman who was raised by her cousin Mordecai. She was one of many women taken to be part of the King’s Harem but whilst she was there something about Esther stood out to the King and she was chosen as his queen. But Haman didn’t like her cousin, Mordecai, because he had refused to bow down to him and due to that, Haman plotted to detroy the Jewish people. Issue is Esther is Jewish. Thereafter Esther was made aware of this plot and Mordecai raised a question to her that of what if she was born for such a time as this. She then calls for a 3 day fast with the Jews so she can prepare to approach thr King on this matter. The Jewish people were saved in the end and Haman was punished with death.

Esther’s life.. how can I relate to this…???

Well we can learn a few lessons from her life which may help us with certain situations in future or currently. It can also give guidance or show revelation to our own lives. So let’s take a look:

  1. God has a plan:

Esther’s life is evidence that God has a plan. When we look at Esther 4:14 where Mordecai says to Esther “who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this”(paraphrased from ESV) , we see that Esther may not have known it at that particular point but her becoming queen was not just for the pleasure of the king but for a far bigger purpose which was saving the Jewish people from the evil plot of Haman. This reminds me of Jeremiah 29:11, ok ok I know we’ve heard of it countless times but hear the little girl out. When we read that verse, we see that God is assuring us of something and though it may not be evident when we are faced with difficult issues or when we are placed in certain places in which we are unsure of why and how. This is what God is reminding us of during these times that “I placed you here and there is a reason for your presence in this place or situation. I am going to use you”. God knows what He is doing, whether we understand or not, He is very much aware of what is about to take place in your life. He is the creator, the orchestrator of our lives. Esther was the right person in the right place to do the right thing which was to be a vessel in putting the plan of God into action.

2. We require Courage

Esther knew she needed courage for such a big task. She, herself, didn’t know how she was going to approach this issue and it’s okay not to know sometimes but it’s not okay not to trust in the power of God to still use you. He will give you the courage you need, He did it for Esther, it’s possible for you too.

3. Sometimes you need to pray and fast.

Esther called for a 3 day fasting period because I believe she knew that this earthly matter needed Heavenly Intervention. Esther required direction and she knew that no one else but God could give her that direction she needed. When we fast and pray, we allow for our hearts and minds and everything within us to be open to God and to hear the voice of God without distractions which allows for spiritual growth and direction ( which Esther required at the moment)

4. Trust. Trust. Trust.

After the 3 day fast, Esther had to approach the King and she could have not been able approach him if it weren’t for her trust in God and His plan. I know how hard it is to trust God completely when the situation is complicated. It is hard but we need to trust him completely. We have fasted, we’ve prayed, we’ve done all we could now we let him direct us. Let him lead us and we know he will fulfill his plan through us.

Above all, it requires us to say to ourselves that we want less of ourselves and more of him. When God is wanting to work within us, He won’t be able to do it if we’re trying to make him and us equal. We need to decrease so that He may increase. And I believe that’s what Esther did as hard as it was but knowing what it meant for her, her family and the rest of the community, she had to comply with the will of God.

Another thing, God will open doors for you when He places you where He wants you to be. He won’t place you there to leave you stranded. Esther was favoured by the King and it was all God. Trust in His favour over your life.


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Lots of love


It was Him this whole time..

Here’s a little Tuesday nugget:

Picture this: In our journey with Christ, we’re walking hand in hand seeing both our feet and His feet but as we walk, we begin to see only one pair of feet and wonder where God is at this point in our lives but we aren’t realising that at this point in our lives, we are seeing His feet and not our own because God is carrying us.

When life is good, we see God walking with us BUT the moment life begins to get tough, we think we are alone but in fact God is the one we are seeing because He carrys us. He wouldn’t leave us. You may not hear him tell you He is carrging you but He is carrying you. Hebrews 13:5 tells us that He will never leave nor forsake.

Just wanted to remind you that you are never ever alone in times of trouble, God has got you in His arms.

Have a great day


Combating Bullying:Introduction

Bullying… “society” did it.

Bullying is a big issue in which we all face directly or indirectly or sometimes even both ways. It is an issue that is mainly faced by children, adolescents and young adults and it also affects the older generation as well. The unfortunate part of it is that it most evident in our schools..

More on the Post


We Are Society is a campaign created by two young minds in irder to raise awareness about issues we tend to blame on society. They also put out a call to action on how to deal with or combat these issues and also take part themselves. After all, we are the Society in which we blame.

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Siphe and Sneh.❤

December is about to be LIT!

Hey my beautiful WordPress Family❤😭

I have been away for a while. Well I will be back for December and parts of January. School has been hectic but I am done for the year, FINALLY🙌…

For starters, I am officially 16, come on somebody, 😭🙌

Thesd are just snippets of my birthday weekend.

I will be posting an interview I did with an amazing women of God which will be up soon.

I will continue with my •Just Like Her• series. Watch out for those powerful posts.

I am also soon launching a campaign with my best friend. Will share details soon and please do support.

Stay tuned.



Just Like Her •Hannah•

Dumelang (Hello In sotho) from South Africa, I know in my previous post I said I’ll see you after my final exams but I felt like this post could be for someone (me included) and it was long overdue🙈

Today’s Just Like Her female is Hannah. The story of Hannah is not that much of a long story, it is the first 2 Chapters in the book of 1 Samuel( which I based this post upon today). Before I begin, I pray God uses this post to speak to us all individually and assist us in carry the same faith and prayer passion, and more, that Hannah carried when praying for Samuel, that the Lord grant us the fruit that we have been longing to birth, that He may be with us as we walk steadfast in trust and patience.

Before I begin with prayer and faith and trust. I want to address the issues of jealousy/ looking down on others which is expressed by Peninnah towards Hannah. Peninnah was Elkanah’s second wife and Hannah was the first and the difference between the two aas that Hannah couldn’t bear any children and Peninnah could. So Peninnah thought she could use the very thing that Hannah couldn’t control to bring her down-her fertility-

You are probably wondering how this relates to us. Well, as children of God, we have have spiritual fertility which we are unable to control on our own. It is controlled by God for He is the only one with full power to birth something out of us, we are just vessels. And at times in our lives, God will birth out something in someone more than He does with us BUT HE AIN’T DONE WITH US!!! NOTE TO SELF…

A problem that many of us as people have is that when we see God doing more for us, we grow self-aware and bring down the one whose blessing or fruit is not there. That is what Peninnah did but Haha little did she know that you’re about to get down on both knees and release a prayer like no other, you’re about to give ferious faith like never before because you know God aint done, she may think He is but you know that God ain’t done.

One thing that Peninnah didn’t realise is that even if she tries to hurt us and it might lseem to be working, Hannah is still going to go before Her God, the God who makes a way, the God who listens, The God who will open where it was closed, the God who is God no matter what and where. Hannah knew her God despite being put down and that is why she continued to trust Him, Have Faith In Him and wait upon Him… why can’t we do the same? We claim to Know who He is in our lives, why don’t we apply it when Peninnah strikes…

It is not in the way she prayed, nor the words she said, it was the faith and trust and patience she displayed after she prayed . It’s good and well that we cry and shout and move during prayer but if we don’t accompany it with faith, trust and patience, it’s useless. Pray, have faith, patience and trust and see God work it out for you.

Once God has done for you, you must use that very fruit to Glorify Him. Use that Fruit for the Kingdom, not for your gain.. Thank Him for without Him and only Him, Your fruit would be nowhere.

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Love you all❤

Umm.. settle for less?!?!

We will never settle for less
We know there’s more that’s found in you x2
And we will never settle for less
We know there’s more that’s found in you x2
It’s in you lord
It’s in you lord – Khaya Mthethwa” Settle For Less”

Song above: https://youtu.be/cldqIzVQTEg

Hey Princes and Princesses. How have you all been. I certainly been doing much better than I was the last time I posted, just school stress as finals are coming up (please do pray with me as I prepare).

Anyways today I wanted to talk about something really close to me being the topic Settle For Less.. these three words brought some memories and realisations of the past few months and then ultimately reminded of this sing by A South African Artist Khaya Mthethwa (song above) and then Phillipians 1:6 which speaks abouts how the work God began in us, He will bring into completion (paraphrased).

For the past few months, I was struggling with a lot which now has been dealt with. I had sort of gone into a state of depression mainly because of self-esteem issues and dreams not coming true when I want them to but then I was reminded a few weeks ago that God’s timing is not my timing first of all and that All things are working for my good ( Romams 8:28).

I recently turned 16 and I had felt like I needed to be like my fellow peers which was not good because God didn’t create to be like my peers, He created me to do His Will and Live Like He did. I wanted to look a certain way and boy, oh boy is that hard work. I wanted to rush the fact that I want to speak and travel not realising that maybe the reason it has not happened is because God is not done preparing me.

It then got me thinkimg… I was settling for less than what God had planned, cause if I had taken time to hear God and wait on Him to do His will and not mine then probably I was going to be where He wanted me to be.

You see many times in our lives as Christians, we tend to expect God to work according to our timeframe and immediately. We are impatient beings 🙈.. and It does not work in our favour because Honestly God owes us nothing so we shouldn’t bark orders and expect them to happen..no no, we are to be obedient to Him. And when we don’t get what we want, suddenly get upset and mad and try do it for ourselves and at that point is when we pull a Sarah and create unnecessary Hagars… a painful truth I learnt. I spent too much time trying to make myself like someone else so I could gain recognition or be considered beautiful forgetting what the word says. I wanted something different to What God planned and I settled for less but now I know that I will not settle for less because there is way more found in Him. So I’m starting now and trusting God fully and I mean fully .

God has way more for me and you than we can imagine so let’s not try measure our standards to anyone else’s.


Love you all. See you all after my Final Exams😘❤

new personal blog up now❤

It has been a year🎉

A year ago, 5 October 2017, I started this blog and posted my very first post blog post. Thank you to all who follow me and pray for me😘😭😘😭. Stay tuned for more❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ here’s to touching more lives with God’s Anointed Princesses and the Word.

Did you know



Not all people going through things need advice. And that is why some (including me) suffer in silence,  we don’t have anyone who will listen without interrupting and advising. Then you would wonder why depressed people take their own lives… listen!!


Hey lovelies, It’s been a minute since I posted but only because I am back at school after holidays..


Have you ever been at point in your life that you do a reality check and ask yourself questions just to know if something is/ some people are right for you…. that has been me recently. I know posted about being stuck but this one is different. 

I’m 16 and I have very little friends. I am not popular and am often pre-judged (if that’s a word) ’cause I’m very quiet. To those who are tired of my rants, I apologise but this is where I can be honest and real without feeling judged.

So recently I did a self-evaluation and I found put so many things about myself.

Firstly,  I am glad that I am not allowed to have a boyfriend because I am too young but I am a lot of work and have too many barriers. Also, dating and all that, even if I was allowed, is just not for me. So when I grow up, I dont want to get married at all! I don’t want that at all, I wanna live alone because I don’t want to be someone’s baggage or have to carry someone’s baggage. And I also don’t want to have children because I don’t want to raise children who will ultimately be like me not matter how hard I try cause either I will be too strict then they won’t be able to talk to me about their issues or I will be too soft that they will be too comfortable and probably lose all respect for me and also because I won’t be married and I want to travel, children are expensive. How I know this is because my parents spend a lot on me and my sister making it hard to save for holiday trips.

Another things is that, recently, we were enlightened about having to vote for prefects at school next year when I’m in grade 11 and I had always told myself, I wanted to be prefect but not anymore. Why?
No one knows me, no one is my friend even when I try to be friends with them.I am not popular because it’s always a popularity thing.

And Is it wierd that I dont want anything for my birthday?
I want nothing for my 16th birthday, I just want it to be a normal day. I don’t want calls, gifts or cards. Nothing, just want to be alone.

I feel like I have not gotten over what my bullies have said about me and also haven’t gotten over my insecurities, low self-esteem, doubts, fears, etc and I think I need to see a therapist, for real but I don’t know how to tell my mom who will tell I don’t need to and just need to pray which I totally get but I need to see someone, it’s really bad cause I am crying quite a lotlately which I don’t usually do.
What do I do???

Please do advice where possible😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Thanks for listening/reading to my rant
xoxo Siphe♡