Gracefully Broken explained.

Gracefully Broken…..

Some or most of us have heard this in a song sung by Tasha Cobbs Leonard and asked ourselves what it means to be gracefully broken.

I mean, can a person actually be gracefully broken? Is it possible? And how?

Yes. Yes. And this is how :

To be gracefully broken begins with surrender. The start of it all is surrendering everything to God. Giving God all that we have, are and do. It is holding nothing back from God. Allowing God to take control of our lives and allowing Him to break us from the hold of sin and allowing him to mould our lives into what He wants them to be.

See, many of us mistaken the phrase, gracefully broken, as if we are saying God is hurting us and no that is not true because God is not hurting anyone in the process. He is actually reshaping us, repositioning our lives into His divine design.

To be gracefully broken is to be at a stage in our lives where all our finances, relationships, dreams, plans, school, work, lives have been placed at the feet of Jesus without a single thing left behind so that with His Grace, He can align it to His will, way and purpose. A stage where we fully depend on the power and work of God alone in our lives. Where it is no longer about us but about God and His Purpose.

To be gracefully broken is to let God strip us of all that we thought we needed and make us realise that all we truly needed and need is Him alone. Yes, to us, it will look like God is hurting us yet we don’t realise that maybe these things or these people that God is removing from our lives are not aligned to the work God has for our lives. We may say that God is harming His children but He is actually using His grace to reposition us and realign us to a place where we will fully live out His purpose over our lives as vessels of His Kindgom.

His removal (in our eyes ) is His realignment.

So when we sing or talk about gracefully broken, we don’t talk about harm but talk realignment and repositioning having surrendered all to Jesus, the King of Kings. We talk about God’s power at work in our lives. We talk about being removed from where we once were to a place where God has taken our lives and them testimonies for His Kingdom. A place where we see pain as purpose, brokeness as beauty and find strength in weakness and freedom in captivity.

A great example of a man who lived gracefully broken is Paul. His life modelled a life of someone who had realised that His life is one that should be used for the Glory of God and no longer His gain. He knew strength in weakness, found freedom in captivity but it all began with the moment he became gracefully broken and was longer Saul but Paul.

Ultimately we need to live gracefully broken so that we can model a Christ-like life to our peers and all those around us and we can achieve that by surrendering it all to God who turns ashes into beauty.

You may be seeing havoc in your life but trust me when I say that giving it to God is all you need to do. You may be wondering how you can be gracefully broken, surrender to God all that you are and let Him be the one who guides you and leads you.

To be gracefully broken is to be realigned, repositioned and redesigned.


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