Journal Journey

Greetings to all. Since the year started, I wanted to do something new as a part of my walking with God and I decided to start journaling.

There are many people I know who journal and find it to be very helpful during bible studying, prayer and meditating on the Word.

Now, I was never the type to enjoy journaling, never found it to sit well with me but something changed this year and I don’t know what to be honest, I’m excited though.

If you do want to do it as well, you are free to join. I plan on taking part in bible reading plans and will do my best to share them with you.


What you need:

• Journal. A notebook or journal from any store. It has to be something that you love and something that has an element of you as an individual. Be it a favorite colour, style, anything.

Purchased at CUM BOOKS
This is my journal. I love the design and the verse it has on the front page.

•Bible. This is for when you take part in reading plans, when you meditate on the word and for personal use. You can’t have a prayer/faith journal without a bible, lol.

•Pens. You need to have writing supplies. Whatever supplies you want, whatever you like to use to make your prayer journal yours.


My current reading plan.

I am about to start a bible reading plan called Spiritual Self Care. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with my self care and it’s very important that we take part in spiritual self care as our relationship with God is the foundation of all things we partake in. If you are motivated spiritually, you’ll be motivated in all you do.

It’s from Ericka Brooke, found on pinterest.

Hope you enjoy, if you are joining me.

Please do share your own reading plans with me and let’s pray and partake in them together.

Lots of love,


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