The Realness Of Love

There was a period in my life where I asked myself the question, Is Love Real? and I would reply with a straight no reason being:

Well, there was a time where I believed in love through things like High School Musical, The fault in our stars, etc but unfortunately those were just movies and books. If love was real, how come my father fell out of love with my mother after two children? How come I find it hard to believe the three word phrase that so easily slips out of every person’s mouth? Love is as much a verb as it is a phrase, if not more then why do I not see love expressed through actions as much as I hear it being said? If love is real, how come I don’t see it?”

The problem with my statement was the fact that I forgot the most important type of love that anyone receives, that being God’s love. The very fact that I said, “If love is real, how come I don’t see it?”, showed how I was so blinded by my flesh that I lost sight of the fact that I see love by waking up each morning, the health that I have, the fact that I have all my senses, a variety of clothes, food to eat each day and all this is true because of God whose love should’ve been the first that mattered to me before anyone else’s.

I complained so much about what I see or feel about love according to the flesh but I didn’t even begin to look at love through God’s eyes.

So let’s look at love the the eyes of God:

β€’ Romans 8:37-39 immediately assures us all of the unconditional love of God which we are not even able to be separated from. Not one thought, piece of doubt, person’s love, action can separate us one bit from the love of the Father. That for me is enough to remind me that love indeed is real because of the love of the Father that is so strongly bonded to us.

β€’John 3:16 is a widely used in bible verse and right now, it is so useful. No matter how you feel about the love others give you, God’s love is enough to remind us all that love is real. For the fact that God sent his son to die for us should be conviction enough of the realness of the love of God. No one person on the earth would send their only child to die for all of humanity except God, the father. No matter how much you and I feel and try to believe that love is not real, The Word of God will always be there to remind us of how real God’s love for us is and that’s the only type of love that is most important.

I’m writing this to the person who struggles with love from all angles whether you feel as if your family doesn’t love you, your partner doesn’t love you and if you have convinced yourself that love isn’t real. Sweetie, I’m here to let you know that love indeed is real. How so? Because of God! God’s love is revealed to us everyday in the smallest ways possible for example, the fact that we wake up and see another day, we are healthy, we have all our bodily senses, we are able to have food on the table each day, etc. No one can be as loving as God through the way He ensures we live through each day unharmed.

As much as God is real, Love is Real.

5 thoughts on “The Realness Of Love

  1. Amen! Yes love is REAL for God is love!!! ❀ I love how I'm seeing your growth and strength in Him has increased. I can tell you are at a better place in your walk with Him and how the prayers of the saints are working! Thank you Jesus! Continue to bless, strengthen & increase your love upon my sister Siphe in Jesus name Amen! πŸ™‚ blessings to you.

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    1. Amen πŸ™Œ God’s Love which is nothing like human love because alupheli. Thank you for the reminder of how much God loves us. We tend to forget whenever we go through trials and tribulations, we turn away from him but even through that he still remains God in our lives and loves us unconditionally.

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