Dear Siphe…

Dear Siphe…

On this day, 22 September 2002, God placed you on this earth. He brought you here with a perfect plan over your life, carefully orchestrated according to His Will. You grew up in a Christian family that taught you and showed you Jesus and His love.

Growing up wasn’t the way you wanted it, I know and I understand… but I say again that God brought you here with a perfect plan according to His will.

Yes, you started school and followed the wrong crowd, did many things to please friends and forgot about God but He didn’t forget about you, Isn’t He amazing?😭❤

You even once got mad at Him for not taking you from the Earth not knowing that you were about to be a blogger, have a life-changing testimony and be His Child whom He loves more than anything, infinitely and beyond what yu can imagine… You were angry at him but He knew what He was doing. He knew that He couldn’t take you prematurely, not even suicide attempts could stop Him from keeping you here and look at you now.

It can only be grace. The unmerited favor of God and His loving hand over your life that kept you here.

I don’t know what more to say to you but to say that as you enter into this new chapter, number 17… hold on baby girl, God knows what He is doing and how he’ll get you through all that you are going to face, good and bad. God has got your back honey ❤

I love you and God does too.



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