Save Me From Myself…

You are your own worst enemy !

It’s heart-breaking isn’t it? The fact that most of the time we are not aware of the fact that we are the architects of our own destruction…

Let it sink in a bit….

I mean we are the ones who hold ourselves back about 75% of the time.

I don’t know about you but I find that sometimes I am the one who holds myself back from the purpose by the things I think and say to myself, for example: ” they are probably thinking thatyou think youare all that, all quiet acting innocent..” or your math teacher probably thinks you’re dumb or something”

I let the devil use me against myself. I allow myself to put myself down and to tear my own self- esteem and confidence down based on the opinion of others or what I think they’ll say, attempts at feeling welcomed and accepted as well as the marks I get in school.

The thing is when we pray for salvation, we pray for God to save us from the trap of sin, the devil, temptation and the world but do we pray to God for salvation from our our thoughts, words, pain, anxiety, from ourselves… Do we do that?

A problem I have with myself is the fact that I believe all the things I think and say to myself that are negative than what God has to say to and about me. I tend to repeat the negativity and push away the positivity because of an implanted belief that I don’t deserve it.

I told myself too many times the things I don’t deserve: love, hope,joy, friends, to be proud of, to be accepted; that I begin to utter to myself the pain, anxiety, brokenness that I think I deserve to feel that I seem to forget that Jesus came to give me all the things that I run away from.

I came on here to remind the both of us that we are saved by the blood even from ourselves and Jesus wants to take our heavy burden. I came to let you and I know that I know it won’t be easy but that’s the joy of being a child of God is that we may not feel accepted in the world but we are surely accepted and adopted in God’s kingdom. He wants to give us love and peace and joy and salvation but it’s up to use to accept it and fuuly so. He’s knocking… are we willing to open up?

3 thoughts on “Save Me From Myself…

  1. This is very true. I agree and I just starting recently praying to God about that. πŸ™‚ I daily encourage myself in the Lord. In His Word. I say things like this when He wakes me up and before the day is out or during the day, ” I am forgiven, I am loved by God, I am worthy, I will continue to move forward, I am appreciated, I’m alive because Jesus is alive, I love the beautiful body God has blessed me with, I am a Child of God. And others. The more I put this in practice the more the negativity will go away and my mind will be renewed. It’s not easy, but we must do our part as well as God continue to do His part as well. It’s not a one way relationship we’re in with Him. It’s Him and me. Him and us. πŸ™‚ be encouraged and despise, cast down and rebuke the lies of the devil DAILY. blessings & strength to you sis ❀

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