Pray: The battle begins on our knees !

The battle begins on our knees!
We can’t break chains, shift atmospheres, break generational curses or break strongholds whilst we’re scrolling and double tapping on Instagram, or updating our facebook pages or catching up on the latest “tea”, that is not where we win battles…

Our battles begin on our knees with nothing but the armor of God and our Faith. I think it’s time that we gave the generational curses, depression, suicidal thoughts, sicknesses, strongholds and chains a time out. We can’t keep quiet anymore, we’re fighting.

Fighting the pre-destined, pre-formed, pre-designed battles. We can’t have our lives under attack no more, nor can we have our families under attack. Your fight on your knees goes a long way. Jesus hears every prayer.

It’s time we fought and fought hard cause the devil is fighting and He is waiting for us to crack under pressure but little does he know, we are armed, protected, already fought for and victorious. Fight them before they even come. Fight the cancer, heart diseases, depression, weapons formed, sickness, anxiety, fear, insecurity before it even comes. Cancel it. Fight on your knees!

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