Your Way, Lord!

We will not take our own route to the feast you have called

We will not wear our own robes to the feast you have called

… We wanna do things your way

– Your way/Same glory by Khaya Mthethwa

I speak for myself when I say that multiple times in my life, I found myself taking my own route, direction and doing things my way and saying I’m christian as a routine thing, not realising that I am forcing or rather trying to force myself at the Table with the Lord whilst wearing a mask to hide my sin and pain. I would also find myself carrying my own burdens and going to God with them but still taking them back with me after talking to him, wierd right?

No it isn’t. It happens that we as, God’s children, take our own routes and robes to the feast He has called with us and the cool thing about God being our Savior is that He gives grace so when we take the wrong route, His love and grace directs us in the right direction and when we wear our own robes, His love, grace and mercy strips us of our robes and gives us his robe of righteousness.

But we need to be willing to allow him to do things His way in our lives. We need to be willing to take His route and wear His Robe after all it’s his Feast not ours. It is up to us to be able to Let God have His Way.

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