Woman Crush Wednesday: Yanga Sobetwa

Hello, Sanibonani, Dumelang, Ab’sheni, Goeie dag from your South African God’s Anointed Princess, Siphe.

Welcome back to God’s Anointed Princesses. Today I decided to post something chilled and more relaxed which is a women crush wednesday.

Today’s Women Crush Wednesday is (drum roll please)….. Yanga Sobetwa.

Who is Yanga Sobetwa?

She is the winner of the 14th season of South African Idols. She is an 18 year old musician who aims to inspire young people and draw them closer to God through her music. She released her first album, Promised Land, in May 2019 which features artists such as Amanda Black, Paxton, The Soweto Gospel Choir and with songs such as Promised Land, Scars, Unconditional Love, and many more.

Why did I choose Yanga?

Well, my reason for choosing Yanga is because I’m inspired and empowered by her vision as an artist. It is not everyday that you find an artist, especially, a young artist wanting to draw other young people closer to God with their talent. As a young person who is christian, it warms my heart to be able to look up to young artist who use their talents to lift God up.

We are living in a generation where young people find church “boring” and see church as a place for older people and as a young person, seeing another young person with such a platform hyping God up is inspiring and empowers one to want to continue drawing others closer to God with their lives.

You can find Yanga on her social media platforms :


Twitter: @yangasobetwa

Snapchat: @yangasobetwa

YouTube: Yanga Sobetwa

And do download her album on ITunes, Google Play and other platforms or buy a hard copy from any music store nationwide (South Africa)

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more posts from Me.

Remember God loves you and I do tooโคโค

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