God+Success w/ Marie Felt

Dumelang (hello in Sotho). So I did my very first blog interview with a successful woman of God by the name of Marie Felt and she shared with me her success secrets and advice and more. Here is what went down in my interview.


Interview with Marie Felt:

Hi Siphe,

I would like to tgank you for choosing me to part of your journey with God’s Anointed Princesses. What you are doing for your generation will transform and shift lives. I am so very proud of you! – Marie Felt

Thank you very much for accepting my request and it is an honour to be interviewing you. – Siphe

1. Hi Mrs Marie Felt, How are you doing?

Hi Siphe, I am doing well.

2.Please tell the readers a bit about yourself.

I am a Christian who loves Jesus and I don’t mind expressing how much I love him unapologetically. I am a nurse, wife, mother, grandmother, author, motivational/public speak, mentor, domestic violence advocate and an entrepreneur. I am still working as a nurse and am in the process of writing three books. One is a 21 day intentional prayer fast devotional and the other is a book I am writing with my husband about couples, and women. Everything that I do is to bring awareness, encourage, uplift and inspire. Everything that I do is for the glory of God and to bring Him honor. I owe God everything!

3. What does Success mean to you?

Success to me is the impact you leave upon people who you come I contact with. Success to me is pleasing God with all that you do.

4. What advice would you share with a young upcoming entrepreneur?

Advice I would share with a young upcoming entrepreneur is to seek wise counsel from those who have been where you are trying to go. Consult God in everything you do. One of my favourite scriptures for success is Proverbs 16:3 “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.”

Tips: Trust God, Pray about everything. Your vision is yours never doubt it !

Warning: Don’t let no-one talk you out of the vision God gave to you. Don’t talk about ideas, concepts and visions that God gave you with everyone. Release in due season when God releases you. Don’t go ahead of God’s timing. Take your time this is not a race or marathon it is a journey.

5. What struggles did you face as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

As a new entrepreneur, I encourage everyone to stay true to who they are. Don’t compromise your beliefs, morals, ethics or your relationship with Christ for no amount of money, stage presence or recognition. A few struggles I came across was that I support everyone, even if I don’t really know you, but I believe in what you are doing I support. When it was my turn I didn’t feel I recieved as much support as I gave out, but God had to remind me that I needed to know exactly who I am and when I did not change who I was the support rolled in. I also did not recieve support from some family and friends which broke my heart in the beginning but God reassured me that I will be supported by whom He sends. How I overcame and work through my struggles is to remember my WHY. Why I do what I do and why it matters.

6. What did you sacrifice to be where you are?

I had to sacrifice time with my spouse, children, and family. I found myself constantly dying to self and putting in lots of work in my free or down time. The sacrifices I made made cause me to see “ME” and who I really was. It made me very humble, diligent and consistent. The more I sacrificed, the more God revealed to me what I can do and the different I would make in the community and the lives I would change and make a difference. The sacrifices I’ve made has shaped me to be exactly who God wants me to be.

7. How do you keep God as the centre of your life in this world that we live in ?

As I stated in the beginning of this interview, I am a Jesus Girl and I’m a radical faith believer and I don’t apologize for it. I put God first in everything and all that I do. I don’t dim who God is in my life because of I may miss out on an opportunity. God is my CEO and I have weekly business meetings with Him where I talk about my business ideas, books, my mentoring and all. I don’t move unless God gives me the okay to do so. We do live in a world where some may not want to hear about God, but that does not make me change or alter who I am and whose I am.

8. What advice would you give your 16-year old self?

I would tell my 16 year old self- Marie, pray about everything, trust in God with every fiber of your being. Your faith eill take you further than any contact, connection or opportunity. Don’t compromise your love for Christ and stand on His word that willnot return void unto you. I would go on to say Marie allow God to lead you and guide you along your journey. If you don’t compromise God’s word, trust the process and hold onto your peace in the midst. God will honor and favor you. This is exactly what I would tell my 16 year old self.

9. What matters most in this fast paced world we live in?

The most important thing that matters to me in this fast paced world is maintaining my relationship with God. I feel if my relationship is maintained he will guide through every obstacle, situation and circumstance.

10. You have a book, please tell us about it and what else are you working in on?

I’ve written one book titled “Broken but Mended” whuch is my testimony of how I went from being broken to whole. It exposes me completely of what I went through and what steps I took to become whole and fulfill the purpose God has mandated over my life. I am currently writing a 21 day intentional prayer fast devotional, and I am in rge process of writing two more books as we speak. You can find my books amd my candles with daily affirmations and declarations from my website http://www.mendingvines.org.

11. Advice you have for young people??

The key message that I want every young person and even adults to know is that you have a voice, you are worthy, valuable and loved. My journey in writing this book was very difficult in the beginning because I never told my mom that I was raped or some rgings I went tgrough. Writing this book helped me to truly heal in areas that I thought I was already healed. You see, sometimes we think we are healed , but we’ve only actually put a bandaid on it. Writing is actually therapy for me. It helps me face things that I had buried “out of sight out of mind”. I wrote my book and will continue to write because I don’t want anyone to tell my story but ME. I endured everything I went through so who can better tell it than me. It’s my truths and I own it. Never let someone tell your testimony or your story for you.

12. Anything else you would like to add or tell the viewers.

I know I have said this many times in previous questions asked, but I will always come back to this- trust God, trust your visions and don’t allow anyone to tell you that your idea is not real, relevant or will succeed. God gives each of us, it’s your vision and many may not understand or get your vision and it’s ok. It’s your vision!

13. Where can my readers find more of you?

Your readers can find me on all social media outlets.

  • Facebook: Marie Felt and a Like page: Mending Vines
  • Instagram: @mariefelt and @realcouplestruths
  • Twitter: @mariefelt
  • Periscope: @mariefelt

I do a lot of Periscope vand Facebook Live Videos on Faith, Success, and whatever God leads me to speak about. My website is http://www.mendingvines.org

It was an absolute privilege and honor that you chose me to answer some questions that was piercing your heart. I never take for granted any opportunity that God grants me through someone. My motto is and always will be if i can just reach one! Siphe, may all that you do bring glory to God and help your generation be successful without compromising thier relationship with God. You can love God and be successful at the same time. To me, its the only way to be successful is allowing God to be the CEO of your life.

Thank you,

CEO/ Fonder of Mending Vines

Marie Felt


Thank you for taking time to read and learn about Mrs Felt. Do follow her for more. And Don’t forget that Jesus loves you so so much.



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