Just Like Her: •Esther•

Good day God’s Anointed Princesses and Princes, it’s been a very long minute since I did a Just Like Her post and I’m back with another one and I’m praying it blesses you and me too.

Today we are going to look at the life of Esther and how we are or can be just like her. Ready?

Background on the life of Esther:

Before we can break down Esther’s life into how we can relate to it and apply lessons, we need to do a recap of the story. Esther was a Jewish woman who was raised by her cousin Mordecai. She was one of many women taken to be part of the King’s Harem but whilst she was there something about Esther stood out to the King and she was chosen as his queen. But Haman didn’t like her cousin, Mordecai, because he had refused to bow down to him and due to that, Haman plotted to detroy the Jewish people. Issue is Esther is Jewish. Thereafter Esther was made aware of this plot and Mordecai raised a question to her that of what if she was born for such a time as this. She then calls for a 3 day fast with the Jews so she can prepare to approach thr King on this matter. The Jewish people were saved in the end and Haman was punished with death.

Esther’s life.. how can I relate to this…???

Well we can learn a few lessons from her life which may help us with certain situations in future or currently. It can also give guidance or show revelation to our own lives. So let’s take a look:

  1. God has a plan:

Esther’s life is evidence that God has a plan. When we look at Esther 4:14 where Mordecai says to Esther “who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this”(paraphrased from ESV) , we see that Esther may not have known it at that particular point but her becoming queen was not just for the pleasure of the king but for a far bigger purpose which was saving the Jewish people from the evil plot of Haman. This reminds me of Jeremiah 29:11, ok ok I know we’ve heard of it countless times but hear the little girl out. When we read that verse, we see that God is assuring us of something and though it may not be evident when we are faced with difficult issues or when we are placed in certain places in which we are unsure of why and how. This is what God is reminding us of during these times that “I placed you here and there is a reason for your presence in this place or situation. I am going to use you”. God knows what He is doing, whether we understand or not, He is very much aware of what is about to take place in your life. He is the creator, the orchestrator of our lives. Esther was the right person in the right place to do the right thing which was to be a vessel in putting the plan of God into action.

2. We require Courage

Esther knew she needed courage for such a big task. She, herself, didn’t know how she was going to approach this issue and it’s okay not to know sometimes but it’s not okay not to trust in the power of God to still use you. He will give you the courage you need, He did it for Esther, it’s possible for you too.

3. Sometimes you need to pray and fast.

Esther called for a 3 day fasting period because I believe she knew that this earthly matter needed Heavenly Intervention. Esther required direction and she knew that no one else but God could give her that direction she needed. When we fast and pray, we allow for our hearts and minds and everything within us to be open to God and to hear the voice of God without distractions which allows for spiritual growth and direction ( which Esther required at the moment)

4. Trust. Trust. Trust.

After the 3 day fast, Esther had to approach the King and she could have not been able approach him if it weren’t for her trust in God and His plan. I know how hard it is to trust God completely when the situation is complicated. It is hard but we need to trust him completely. We have fasted, we’ve prayed, we’ve done all we could now we let him direct us. Let him lead us and we know he will fulfill his plan through us.

Above all, it requires us to say to ourselves that we want less of ourselves and more of him. When God is wanting to work within us, He won’t be able to do it if we’re trying to make him and us equal. We need to decrease so that He may increase. And I believe that’s what Esther did as hard as it was but knowing what it meant for her, her family and the rest of the community, she had to comply with the will of God.

Another thing, God will open doors for you when He places you where He wants you to be. He won’t place you there to leave you stranded. Esther was favoured by the King and it was all God. Trust in His favour over your life.


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Lots of love


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