Just Like Her •Hannah•

Dumelang (Hello In sotho) from South Africa, I know in my previous post I said I’ll see you after my final exams but I felt like this post could be for someone (me included) and it was long overdue🙈

Today’s Just Like Her female is Hannah. The story of Hannah is not that much of a long story, it is the first 2 Chapters in the book of 1 Samuel( which I based this post upon today). Before I begin, I pray God uses this post to speak to us all individually and assist us in carry the same faith and prayer passion, and more, that Hannah carried when praying for Samuel, that the Lord grant us the fruit that we have been longing to birth, that He may be with us as we walk steadfast in trust and patience.

Before I begin with prayer and faith and trust. I want to address the issues of jealousy/ looking down on others which is expressed by Peninnah towards Hannah. Peninnah was Elkanah’s second wife and Hannah was the first and the difference between the two aas that Hannah couldn’t bear any children and Peninnah could. So Peninnah thought she could use the very thing that Hannah couldn’t control to bring her down-her fertility-

You are probably wondering how this relates to us. Well, as children of God, we have spiritual fertility which we are unable to control on our own. It is controlled by God for He is the only one with full power to birth something out of us, we are just vessels. And at times in our lives, God will birth out something in someone more than He does with us BUT HE AIN’T DONE WITH US!!! NOTE TO SELF…

A problem that many of us as people have is that when we see God doing more for us, we grow self-aware and bring down the one whose blessing or fruit is not there. That is what Peninnah did but Haha little did she know that you’re about to get down on both knees and release a prayer like no other, you’re about to give ferious faith like never before because you know God aint done, she may think He is but you know that God ain’t done.

One thing that Peninnah didn’t realise is that even if she tries to hurt us and it might seem to be working, Hannah is still going to go before Her God, the God who makes a way, the God who listens, The God who will open where it was closed, the God who is God no matter what and where. Hannah knew her God despite being put down and that is why she continued to trust Him, Have Faith In Him and wait upon Him… why can’t we do the same? We claim to Know who He is in our lives, why don’t we apply it when Peninnah strikes…

It is not in the way she prayed, nor the words she said, it was the faith and trust and patience she displayed after she prayed . It’s good and well that we cry and shout and move during prayer but if we don’t accompany it with faith, trust and patience, it’s useless. Pray, have faith, patience and trust and see God work it out for you.

Once God has done for you, you must use that very fruit to Glorify Him. Use that Fruit for the Kingdom, not for your gain.. Thank Him for without Him and only Him, Your fruit would be nowhere.

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Thank you for reading and see you all after my finals _ for real this time

Love you all❤

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