Umm.. settle for less?!?!

We will never settle for less
We know there’s more that’s found in you x2
And we will never settle for less
We know there’s more that’s found in you x2
It’s in you lord
It’s in you lord – Khaya Mthethwa” Settle For Less”

Song above:

Hey Princes and Princesses. How have you all been. I certainly been doing much better than I was the last time I posted, just school stress as finals are coming up (please do pray with me as I prepare).

Anyways today I wanted to talk about something really close to me being the topic Settle For Less.. these three words brought some memories and realisations of the past few months and then ultimately reminded of this sing by A South African Artist Khaya Mthethwa (song above) and then Phillipians 1:6 which speaks abouts how the work God began in us, He will bring into completion (paraphrased).

For the past few months, I was struggling with a lot which now has been dealt with. I had sort of gone into a state of depression mainly because of self-esteem issues and dreams not coming true when I want them to but then I was reminded a few weeks ago that God’s timing is not my timing first of all and that All things are working for my good ( Romams 8:28).

I recently turned 16 and I had felt like I needed to be like my fellow peers which was not good because God didn’t create to be like my peers, He created me to do His Will and Live Like He did. I wanted to look a certain way and boy, oh boy is that hard work. I wanted to rush the fact that I want to speak and travel not realising that maybe the reason it has not happened is because God is not done preparing me.

It then got me thinkimg… I was settling for less than what God had planned, cause if I had taken time to hear God and wait on Him to do His will and not mine then probably I was going to be where He wanted me to be.

You see many times in our lives as Christians, we tend to expect God to work according to our timeframe and immediately. We are impatient beings 🙈.. and It does not work in our favour because Honestly God owes us nothing so we shouldn’t bark orders and expect them to no, we are to be obedient to Him. And when we don’t get what we want, suddenly get upset and mad and try do it for ourselves and at that point is when we pull a Sarah and create unnecessary Hagars… a painful truth I learnt. I spent too much time trying to make myself like someone else so I could gain recognition or be considered beautiful forgetting what the word says. I wanted something different to What God planned and I settled for less but now I know that I will not settle for less because there is way more found in Him. So I’m starting now and trusting God fully and I mean fully .

God has way more for me and you than we can imagine so let’s not try measure our standards to anyone else’s.


Love you all. See you all after my Final Exams😘❤

new personal blog up now❤

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