“I’m All Ears”

“I’m listening” , “I am all ears”…
These are very common phrases one says when someone needs or has asked to speak to them normally to ask for advice or to share news or even gossip. I use the “I’m listening” phrase whenever a friend asks to speak to me about something serious and need advice cause I’m am not about gossip ( come on somebodyūüĖź).
Wait why am I making reference to this.. because we spend make so much time listening to other people’s stories and problems trying to give advice that we actually spend little time on listening to what God has to say to us.

When was the last time you said I’m listening Lord..? Or I’m all ears Lord, speak.

God hears us when we speak to Him and ask for things from Him and cry to Him (see 1 John 5:14, James 4:2 and Matthew 7:7) but He also speaks too and calls on us but nahh we are too busy trying to listen to friend’s stories which is good but God wants to speak to us because then we miss our purpose as we don’t take time to hear Him through His Word.

God is our teacher and father and both amongst other things require Him to speak to us, guide us and help us and teach us and prepare us for the test.

Test? What test?

Did you know that whatever that God teaches you will be tested. Look at Jesus, He was being taught by God through His 40 days and 40 nights of fasting that when it was all over and he was finally able to eat, Satan brought the test. The test won’t always come immediately after the teaching, it will come at the point where you feel most ready to take on whatever it is with that teaching. The moment that you think you are ready for the world with this teaching, is the very moment the test will come and it is up to show that you were listening.

It is all good and well to says you’re listening but come the test, you remember nothingūü§Ē.. What were you listening to then?
And then you expect to Hear God during the test , umm honey quick reminder, The Teacher Is Always Silent During The Test. That’s why you should’ve listened when  He was teaching.

What I know is that the only way you can hear God is when you take time to study His Word, to spend time in prayer with Him. And by taking time, I mean having a distinct time to God alone with no distractions at all. There in that time is where you just seek God, get to know Him and Hear what He has to say not ask anything but let Him be the one who says and asks. One thing I know is that if you spend time with Him and listening to His teaching, come the test you will come out victorious even though it was tough but because you know who created you, lives in you and remember all He has taught you. You are good sweetie. And also through that time, you find the clear view of what your purpose is because He will make it clear to you. All He needs you to do is to be All Ears cause He wants to speak to you and maybe what you need answers to, He has been trying to tell you all along but are you too busy to actually Hear Him? Or you are too busy asking or searching for your own answers?

I challenge you and I to begin to take time to seek God and Just want to Hear from Him for however long. He wants to speak to us.


Yours Truly,

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