Bruised Heels Can Still Crush Heads…

Good Day From S.A❤ How are you all doing? I have been great.

So today I will not be discussing a woman in the bible, rather I will be discussing Genesis 3v15. The first time I was exposed to this verse was through a picture of Sarah Jakes Roberts from a conference she spoke at where she spoke about how bruised heels still crush heads. And I was like whaaaaaat?? But then decided to do my own study on it, only because I did not hear the word so I did my own study and decided to share it with you all. There’s a whole lot of truth here so prepare yourself.


Genesis 3: 15 [ESV]

“I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring, he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his head”

There are some versions that say; ” you shall crush his head instead of bruise his head” if you have it please share.

Reading this verse and doing my research on this topic, I realised that this verse actually was the first promise given after the fall of man..

Umm, Siphe, are you okay? Promise? There isn’t a promise here😲.

Yes I am okay.

And yes there is a promise.

Well, when you read this, you see God chastising the serpent for what he did and punishing him but when you look at it in depth, you realise firstly that the first half of the verse: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between you and her offspring” says the following: By her offspring He is also saying her seed which ultimately is Jesus. God was saying that between you(Satan) and my Son and all who are in Him, there’d be opposition which till today is evident. We are in constant opposition with the enemy and His schemes and the Spirits that are under Him. But then the promise comes in at the last part, when God mentions the bruising and crushing. Why I say this is a promise is because God is giving an underlying message of redemption/salvation through Christ whose “heel” will be bruised but who will crush the head of the serpent even with the bruised heel.

Jesus crushed the head of the serpent with a bruised heel!

Wait, Siphe, how so??

Okay so when you study Jesus’ life , you see that before He defeated satan, He was bruised. His “heel” was bruised but even though He was bruised, He was still victorious because Satan was defeated.

Let me bring it this home a bit..

So we already know that as God’s children, we are in opposition with the enemy who never wants to see us victorious in anything and therefore will do anything to bruise our heels in an aim to distract us and cause us to forget about the victory we want to see and focus on the wound. Most of the time, he will use whatever is our breaking point to bruise our heel, be it anger, discouragement, doubt, unforgiveness, anxiety then because we are human and get hurt, we nurse the wound and not carry on with our journey to victory. We nurse the lost relationships, crushed dreams, the debt and forget the victory ahead. I have done it too, hence I experienced depression and suicidal thoughts because I spent too much time nursing the wound and not much time getting back up and carrying on my walk to victory. Let me tell you something: yes, bruised heels hurt, but they don’t kill. But crushed heads are unsurvivable. So get up, the wound heals sweetie, it’s time to crush heads.

It hurt when Jesus was being bruised and beaten but that didn’t stop Him from defeating satan and gaining victory, why is it stopping you? Huh!? (That’s a word right there). Most of those who were enforcing pain on Jesus were not under the power of God, nah fam, it was all the doing of the evil one but as I said earlier bruised heels don’t kill but no survives a crushed head.

We are being reminded that, yes, our heels will be crushed but those won’t kill us but we are to get up and crush the head because If Jesus, who did it on the cross and lives in you could do it, then you and I have all the power and authority to crush the life out of that enemy/serpent. You better get to it honey before I lecture you on whose child you are. Stop nursing the unecessary wound, you are making satan think he has won… umm uh uh he hasn’t so bandage it up quick and get to crushing and ultimately to victory.

Quick reminder, Victory does not come without a wound.

A wound? I didn’t sign up for that! Well do you think Jesus did?! No He didnt sign up for the enormously painful bruising and beating but He had to go through it to gain victory so if you wanna have victory wherever you are in your life, you gotta be willing to experience the wound/ heel-bruising or else sorry boo thang, but no victory cause you didn’t finish the full cause. Victory is not an easy road to go through honey.🤐 sorry if I crushed your dreams of easy victory, wait no not sorry.

Jesus is an example. It was not smooth sailing for Him. It was painful for Him to get to the victory that was declared before His birth.

Just because God said you are going to be victorious, you getting the promotion, new job, child, scholarship, debt-free living, doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to have the mean boss, tiring interviews, sabotaging employess, financial issues, tests, labour pains. You can’t experience the victory without experiencing the wound but it is not there for you to nurse, it is there to remind you that even through it, you are victorious and all because of Jesus in the end.

Next time you enter a heel-bruising situation, remember that you have the power to crush the head of that enemy. It is all in the power of faith, prayer, a relationship with God, and the realisation that Jesus did it so you can too. You are strong honey, a bruised heel will not kill you, Get Up! Crush And Be Victorious!

I hope you have a revelation through that like I did. That God spoke to you because I know there are some who needed to hear /read this, I am part of those who needed this word. Jesus is so powerful because He got me to study and post what I needed to hear. He speaks in the wierdest ways, Hallelujah to Him!🖑🖐!!

Please do share. I know you know someone who needs this word. Share on your social media accounts, contact list, Groups, however but share with someone. You never know who needs this to help them get through something.


Yours Truly,


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