Just Like Her: •Sarah•


Good Day, from South Africa❤. As I am writing this, it is just past midnight here and it’s Saturday😊. How is y’alls weekend going so far? Well mine started great cause I had a sister date with my baby sis yesterday (Friday) and it was fun cause we went out to the games then had lunch so yeah we got to bond.❤ I realised how much I loved her and how much I want these dates to carry even when we’re older.

Anyways, Today’s Princess is Sarah.


Sarah’s initial name was Sarai which means princess but in Genesis 17:15, God changed it to Sarah which means mother of all nations. I have something to say quickly about the name changed situation.. so when I read this whole name change thing, I took it lightly but something hit me when I was studying Sarah, when God changed her name, it came with a promise though it seemed impossible it still occured. This is tied to the fact that God calls things into being like He did when the Earth was void. He called all nature into being. So it was with Sarah and all those whose names were changed in the bible. You see, God will change the name to align with The Promise (#Issa Word). Sarah could have never become the mother of all nations as a Sarai. Her name had to fit her promise/purpose. God has your name. You may not know it yet but what God calls you is what is aligned to your promise. Okay okay let’s continue with who Sarah was..

Sarah was barren which meant the physically she was unable to have children but because God is even bigger than infertility, Sarah gave birth to a promise whose name was Issac. Even at old age, He is indeed a miracle-working, promise-keeping God.


Wait! What?! A 15-year-old talking about this🤐😲

Initially when one thinks barrenness/infertility, you think physically unable to give bith, blah blah blah.. But have you ever considered spiritual barrenness


Hear me out before you think I don’t know what I’m talking about. I may not know physical barrenness but surely I have a tiny bit of knowledge on spiritual barrenness. Spiritual Barrenness is the inability to birth the promise God has placed within you. It is being unable to fully produce, let out, birth that very thing God planted in you. Similar to when a woman is unable to have children when she has eggs, it is being unable to birth the fruit when we have the seed. Sarah had the problem physically but some may have it spiritually too. It happens where we find ourselves praying for a birthing but no result and that results in us bringing Hagars which are totally unnecessary. Our Problem much like Sarah, is that we saw no solution in our own capacity to what God said would be but we thought would not be so we bring a Hagar which ultimately will turn her back on us because Hagar has what we don’t… mmmmmhhhhhh, I feel this word for somebody ( Me included👋👋)

But I ain’t done cause what we don’t realise is that God is a God of perfect timing.. He knows when and how he will birth so whether you are physically or spiritually barren, God knows how and when for your life. His promise remains. Listen out for it…


Sarah, one day, heard God tell Abraham that she would give birth despite her age and her bringing Hagar, He was STILL going to bring her a son.

Wait! Hold up! Ummmh Did we also Hear God proper there?????

Yea, yeah we did. Okay, so when Sarah heard all this, She laughed. She laughed because she couldn’t imagine it ever happening.. why? She was OooooooLD

Imagine you’re 90 and infertile but God is like Imma Give you a child!

When she laughed, God asked her if she laughed, she denied but He knew she did and asked this, “Is there anything impossible for me?” The answer is no there isn’t ( Obviously 😒). What you’re forgetting is when you feel your blessing is way overdue, you laugh too. You don’t picture it cause you have an alternative but that alternative was not what God said.. uh uh honey, it wasn’t. Let me tell both you and I something: until you realise that your timing is not God’s timing and God knows the when, He will continue to make you laugh and yes, you may regret laughing but the laughter will be,in the end, one of triumph and joy and victory.

Sarah’s life is one that helps look at our spiritual barrenness and realise that we don’t need Hagar, no no, but we need Faith. Faith that overshadows fear and rejection and failure. A Relationship with God that allows us to realise that God’s timing as Perfect Timing. One that requires to be content. Her life is one we can all constantly look at and see what God has changed our names to be in accordance with His promise over our lives. I definitely have learnt a lot in just typing this because what I just typed is completely different to what I had written in my notes. God is Promise-Keeping, Remember that ❤


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Today, I’m shouting out to two bloggers:

1. Nakas❤❤❤

She is an amazing person. She comments on my blog posts and through her comments, I see the beautiful soul she is. She also has an amazing blog. I am not lying. It is BOSS. Check it out and I guarantee you’ll love it😘 shout out to you boo.

2. Rotimi

He is very encouraging and supporting. You will never regret getting to knkw him through comments. His blog is also great. His is Boss as well. No joke. Check it out, you won’t regret it, pinky promise. Shout out to you my brother❤


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Quick rant:

I am so sad… why because I wanted to be at Sarah Jakes Roberts’ conference sooooooooooooooooooo bad, it is called Woman Evolve but homegirl has no money so couldn’t make it😔 but iss cool.


Stay Loving. Stay Awesome. Stay Blessed. Stay Anointed. Stay Queening/Kinging.

Love from South Africa ❤

– yours truly, Siphe💕



7 thoughts on “Just Like Her: •Sarah•

  1. Siphe. It’s been a while since I stopped by your blog and this post is amazing. I really like when you said,

    “You see, God will change the name to align with The Promise.”
    And that is so true with Abraham (formerly Abram), Jacob (now known as Israel) and so many more; like Peter.

    I also like when you said, “God has your name. You may not know it yet but what God calls you is what is aligned to your promise”

    I like your definition of the term Spiritual Barrenness and I never would have considered it.

    “Spiritual Barrenness is the inability to birth the promise God has placed within you. It is being unable to fully produce, let out, birth that very thing God planted in you. ”

    In the blog post, I like when you said, “Sarah’s life is one that helps look at our spiritual barrenness and realise that we don’t need Hagar, no no, but we need Faith.”

    I might have someone you can talk to about the business aspect. I will however, have to confirm it with him then I’ll email you with the results.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I agree fully with you when you mentioned the names and the changes.

      Thank you very much for reading and engaging. God bless you abundantly and May He cause an increase in your prosperity and joy and peace.

      Oh thank you for that. I will be sure to check my emails.


      1. Hey Siphe.

        Its me God’s Warrior from the blog Taking Up My Cross. I wanted to let you know that my contact said that it was alright

        You might have to email me first because I tried to use the email that is listed on your contact page but it didn’t work.

        Liked by 1 person

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