Just Like Her: •Eve•

Good Day Beauties, I hope you have all been well and been queening/kinging and remembering your worth in Christ.

Lately I’ve been looking at lessons I can learn from women in the bible in order to unlock the inner princess/ women of God in me and I have decided to share it with you so that we can all unlock our inner Esther/Ruth/Deborah and learn from Eve/Sarah, etc.

We cannot to look at women of the bible without looking at the very woman who represents all women: Eve.

Eve was the first woman in the bible. She was the Mother of all living. God had named her ‘ezer’ which means ‘help’ then Adam named her ‘Eve’ which translated means life which relates to a part of her role as she gives life. Eve was created in God’s image much like all of  us, displaying a part of God’s character which too is in many of us and we should continuously work on those characteristics of God in us inorder to reflect them to others and draw them closer to God through our character.

Eve’s mistakes🤐

Okay , before y’all wonder, I am not one to look at someone’s mistakes but I believe through Eve’s mistakes, we can recognize our own and begin to address them inorder not to repeat them over and over but to be able to grow and be able to be who God calls us to be without falling back into the trap of these very mistakes we commit unknowningly or even knowingly. So here we go….

1. She compromised with a rebel🤔

So one of the mistakes Eve made was that she compromised with a rebel that being Satan. Why I make this statement is because Eve began to tolerate the challenge of Satan/ Enemy/the rebel which led to her falling into the trap of his evil schemes because she placed herself in a situation that made her try to reason with the enemy who tried to convince her otherwise which led to her compromise. I don’t about you but I know there were and probably still are times in my life where I thought I knew better when I began to reason and compromise with something other than God. Just like Eve, a lot of us tend to fall into a compromise with something or someone that gives a different perspective or opinion or offers something totally different from what God offers because we either think its good for when we know its not. It’s a spot where we begin to seem desperate and we see what the enemy or our sinful nature offers as a better choice/reason which then we compromise thinking it rushes into the blessing like Sarah or we are up to score with God like Eve. At this point we need to be able discern between the Word and the flesh/ the enemy and that is what will help us as children of God, defeat the urge to compromise. And inorder for us to be able to do that, we need to Seek First the Kingdom of God because that is the only way we would be able to discern what is right for us to do and what is not and that is tied to having a relationship with God ultimately.

2. She fell for the offer…
 Reference to Genesis 3:4-6
One mistake we make like Eve did is that we fell for the temptation of our sinful nature and the devil too and that is when like Eve we don’t  to stand our guard and forget what we were told by God. A lesson we can learn is to trust God. Trust that what God tells us is true and no one can convince us otherwise even when we try to convince ourselves otherwise. Another is to listen and stand your guard. God will never mislead you but your flesh will and that is what lets us down as God’s children. Lesson: Trust God and don’t let your guard down. Lean on only his promises.

Just like Eve, I have compromised with the devil and fell for the temptation and have learnt a lot from this bible study on Eve and will begin examining my behaviour and will begin to listen and trusting fully on what God say and not try to reason with the flesh and I hope you can join me.


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Who are your favourite bible women?

What is your opinion on femicide? And how do you think tge issye should be addressed?

Favourite quotes?

Comment with your answers.. wanna get to know you better and know how you all think and please comment with your name and place you’re from❤☺😊💕

7 thoughts on “Just Like Her: •Eve•

  1. Favorite Bible women? Well I really don’t have per se but I like Ruth. I like her faithfulness, persistence and obedience. Esther is another woman that wasn’t selfish. She was willing to die for her people.

    Femicide? Just heard of it and looked for it immediately. Never knew such a thing even happened. It’s definitely wrong.

    I’m Odinakachukwu, you can call me Nakas. I’m from Nigeria 🇳🇬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Nakas❤ I really love your answers.
      I also love those woman.
      I agree with you on femicide, it is such a big problem here in South Africa. I love your blog so much. Admire you❤

      I’m Siphesihle, Siphe for short. From South Africa

      Liked by 1 person

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