What are you teaching us?


Bases on the title, You gonna wanna share this with moms, dads, aunts, friends and even your neighbours.

So lately in my life, I had to face certain scars that I had disregarded and I had experienced sort of flashbacks because of these and one of the scars is me being molested at 12 by someone I considered my brother and after dealing with it with God, questions arose inside of me and I am hoping you may help me answer them…..

What has happened to the boys you raised? … boys who can’t take no for answer. Boys who treat girls like objects. Boys who beat and rape because we say we don’t want to so they force it or beat us.

I’m sorry but I am tired of hearing of abuse whether physical or sexual or emotional happening…

Let me tell you that we, as girls who have felt it, don’t say anything because we fear judgement from our parents eg, ” what were you wearing?” / “You probably allowed it to happen to you”

But besides that We say nothing because we are told not to or for some who experience it in romantic relationships, its because they are taught to submit to their husbands and unfortunately some assume then its okay because they are in a relationship… can we just readjust those principles of submission because I know that the bible states that husbands should love as well.

So here are my questions:

1.What are we teaching our boys about the power of No? Are we even teaching them that No means No

2. What are we saying to our girls? Are we teaching them that if a boy does this or that inappropriately, they should speak out.

3. How are we addressing the fears that our girls have because of the stories they hear of rape, abuse?

4. What about the boys with no fathers, who is supposed to teach them?

5. Girls with no moms or motherly figures in their lives? How are we helping them?



Comment below with your views and answers…..

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-yours truly

Siphe 💕

3 thoughts on “What are you teaching us?

  1. Siphe! What a strong and powerful testimony. One I am sure was hard to give. Your passion gives the cry a stronger voice… a much needed voice! Me and God love you, Siphe!
    Btw… I mentioned your blog in a recent post Bloggers Support Bloggers Award because I wanted others to know how supportive you are. May God bless you for your heart for others.
    Here is a link to the post.

    Liked by 1 person

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