Have you Forgiven You ?🤔

So many Times in our lives, we face a tough choice of whether we want to forgive a certain person or not. Usually someone who did you wrong like an ex-friend, bully or whoever who may caused pain emotionally or even physically…

But have you forgiven yourself?

Do you know how much hurt you’ve allowed yourself to experience…

I mean when we constantly blamed ourselves when it wasn’t actually our fault. When we let people’s words get to us…..

The first step to finding your inner princess in Christ is forgiving yourself after forgiving the rest and forgetting about your past, yes it made you and it was hard but God doesn’t want a princess who will dwell on the past and not her future in Him (#IssaWord, who else feels that word🙋)

Some signs of unforgiveness of self are:


•” I can’t cause when I did this the last time….” Umm I mean🤔

• ” Why Me??”

•Random sad moments for no reason or reminiscing on how you could have done this or that better

Girl It’s past and here is God giving you another chance and what are you doing with it… Forgive yourself, no one can ever do this life thing right other Jesus and that’s why He did it for us so we can rest assured knowing we don’t always have to be perfect all tge time cause He is for us.

Princess to Princess:

Forgive You.

No one else can do that for you.

A challenge for both you and I.

Forgive you for:

•allowing hurt upon yourself


•forgiving everyone else but you


•not allowing you to be you

• trying to do it right all the time

• being too hard on you

#Forgive you

#I Forgive Me





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I love you all and Jesus does too😘

7 thoughts on “Have you Forgiven You ?🤔

  1. One of the hardest things for humans is to forgive themselves. We allow the enemy to bring condemnation to us. If we repent to Jesus then we need to accept it and move on. Instead we harbour in our minds those hurt emotions and before long we are feeling guilty, just what the enemy wants.

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