Guess what GuysπŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜„

Goodmorning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening ( depends where you are in the world πŸ‘‹)

Sawubona ( Hello in IsiZulu) from South Africa.Β  It is your girl Siphesihle M, officially known as Siphe. …. just had to introduce myself to yall once again because I have a new segment coming…..

If you remember my first post, I mentioned why I have this blog and so far I have written about how to deal with certain things in our lives as God’s Anointed Princesses and I will not stop but I wanted to talk more about princess attributes/characteristics, apply them in our lives, biblical and earthly role models, clothing, make-up and a whole lot of girl stuff… guys you’re invited l, I will accomodate you as well just send in what you would like a God girl’s opinion on and we will all give advice and all that jazz…


Can’t wait to get to it.

What do you expect to see?
Who are you biblical role models?
Favorite make-up and clothing?

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God bless you all

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