All letter to all ladies…


To the lady that sits and wonders when she’ll be considered beautiful and told that she is beautiful, The girl who fears that her story is too embarassing or not “impactful enough”, the lady that battles with low self-esteem or even low self-image. The lady who hides behind the barriers of society fearing that she won’t make it or either be judged or be called names or even find herself in competition with other ladies. The lady who has been talked about, bullied, broken and bruised.

To you… I want you to know that the scars you carry are what you can use to change lives, your scars matter, your pain is purposeful. You are so gorgeous that no magazine nor Tv show can explain or define your beauty properly in words for the One who made you, created you so fearfully and wonderfully that none can fathom.

You aren’t defined by society, boys, magazines, tv, social media not even your past, you are defined by God.

You can be who you want and love you for you..

You can be a voice like Oprah
A Leader like Michelle Obama
A Faither like Cora Jakes Coleman
An influencer like Emma Watson
Confident like Ellen DeGeneres
A role model like Sarah Jakes Roberts
A champion like Serena Williams
And still leave a mark like Maya Angelou


You are beautiful whether or not you are an albino and you are as important and impactful as any other girl out there,  flaunt your beauty,girl! Cause you are gorgeous and God created Flawless when made you and  Be #UnashamedlyYou and show it off while doing it cause the world needs to know that a Flawless being has arrived and is not leaving anytime soon.πŸ’ŽπŸ’•β€


You are Wonderful and perfect just the way you are and no one can limit you or even label you. You have the ability to say who you want to be. God knew that you are His and the purpose He has for you is way too big for society’s barriers. You are one of a kind and the world wouldn’t survive without you so do you and be #UnashamedlyYou, show it off girlπŸ‘‘πŸ’Žβ€


Your skin is flawless, you are like a gem, special and important. Ypu are fearfully and Wondefully made by a God who makes no mistake meaning you aren’t one, You are a world changer, a girl who can make a whole lot of a difference that the world needs, despite physcial appearance, look at the STAR THAT IS WINNIE HARLOW , you can do the most as well  and be a BOSS AT IT so be #UnashamedlyYou and show it off.β€πŸ‘‘πŸ’Ž


Embrace the dark beauty that you are, the richness that lies within, you are not to be labelled as anything but a gem, a victorious woman. You are a trendsetter, do the most and be the vessel God wants you to be… Be a queen and #UnashamedlyYouπŸ‘‘πŸ’Žβ€


Girl, you are a diamond, you deserve more than what society says, you are more than enough. You are what the world is looking for. You are a light for the Lord so shine it and do the most and show the world that you can be #UnashamedlyYou! And still do like a BawseπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘‘πŸ’Žβ€

You are perfect just the way you are(  whether or not you have a fro, a thick or thin body, best brands, perfect skin, dark or light skin, whatever physical featurea you have you are perfect that way and love the you that you are)
and you know what, your story, your struggles, your pains, your tears, flaws and insecurities are part of what moulded you and I want you to use that to help another and here is my challenge to all ladies reading this… I urge you to share your stories and help someone out there realise that just like another survived and conquered, I Can Too.. post it everywhere with the #UnashamedlyMe #UnashamedlyGod’sGirl

Here is mine…

I was depressed but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve happiness. I was suicidal but that doesn’t mean that I don’t exist. I was quiet but that doesn’t mean I don’t have voice. I lost friends but that doesn’t mean I am a loner. I overcame the depression, suicidal thoughts and loneliness through Christ and You Can Too. Through my pains, loneliness, I learnt to love the me I had become because despite all that I have been fraen closer to the Lord by His Grace  Mercy and Love… I can truly say that I Am #UnashamedlyMe and #UnashamedlyGod’sGirl.- Siphe

Share your story and encourage others to do so and lets build a community of ladies that don’t compete with one another but build each other up and help each find their true anointed princess in Christ. 

Share, Like, Comment and shareπŸ’•


So I am not officially back…

I felt the urge to share this but I would really love us to take this empowerment outside the borders of wordpress but also to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and let’s empower not compete or judge.

Don’t forget to use

Love you all and may God bless All abundantly β€β€β€πŸ˜˜πŸ’•

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