Liebster Award ❤


So hey fellow readers☺ I Have Been Nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing 👑Dammie O. 💋’s blog, she has an amazing blog yall. Love all her  posts ❤ Check it out guys.

I’d like to thank God for changing my life so much that I can touch lives through my blog, it’s an honor.  All the praise and honor go to Him. The king of kings.👐


Liebster Award:  The Liebster Award is an award for new bloggers and those with few or small followers (of which I am both). It’s an way of giving new bloggers some recognition and encouragement for the hard work. 


 1.Create a new blog post on your blog thanking the person that nominated you, link to their blog and put in a  graphic of the award.

2.Answer the questions provided and share some facts about yourself.

3.Nominate others and share your blog post with them so that they can accept their award.

Dammie O.’s questions :

1.How/why did you get into blogging and how long have you been blogging? 
2.What inspires you to blog?
3.What’s your blog about?
4. How do you plan to make your blog better in 2018?
5.What’s your passion in life?
6.Describe your personality and how it impacts your life and people around you!
7. What do you do at your leisure time asides writing/blogging?
8. Who do you admire the most and why?
9. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? 
10.Could you tell me any of your new year resolutions? 

1. Well, I started blogging because I wanted to share that God is always there and to reach out to young girls and women who are wanting to get out of pain, to show that God is there. I started blogging last year October so I’ve been blogging about 4 months.

2. The Word of God inspires me to blog and God himself.

3. My blog is aimed at all young girls and women who are in Christ who, like me, find certain things hard to deal with as a Christian girl. This is the type of blog that reaches out and helps other girls and women deal with these issues like friends, beauty, being different and lots more using the word of God as a source.

4. Well, I plan on sharing more on women in the bible and how to unlock pieces of them in us. I also plan on taking it to social media.

5. To share God’s Word in such a way that encourages others and helps them grow spiritually. Also, to be the best I can be at all I do.

6. Well, I am quite a shy but down to earth, quiet and loving person and that makes me the type of person that loves a little too much and a person who bottles things up too ( working on that).

7. I chill and watch tv, listen to music, read books and other blogs or sing.

8. Sarah Jakes Roberts because she is just so real when it comes to her story and sharing the Word of God. ( It is weird but I consider her like a big sister to me 🙈)

9. United States of America( specifically, LA, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta) and Dubai and Thailand and most African Countries  ( Nigeria, Mozambique, Congo) and Mauritius.

10. Well, just to start Girl Talk events. ( if you consider that a resolution)

Fact about me…

1. I love singing.🎙
2. I am a September baby.
3. I love hockey.
4. I read lots of Christian-based books. ( currently reading Goliath Must Fall by Louie Giglio and WHAT ON EARTH AM I HERE FOR? : The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.)
5. I love sleeping.😂 but seriously though.



My questions for you…

1. Who/ what inspires you to blog?
2. What are your favourite things to do outside of blogging?
3. Who are/is your role model/s?
4. What is your niche?
5. What are your goals for 2018?
6. What are your favourite bible verses?

Have a blessed day ❤

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