Trust Him With All Your Heart

Proverbs 3:5

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding”


I know sometimes in our lives, God asks us to things that will require us to place our full trust in Him even though we don’t know why, how, where and when.

These 4 questions we ask when God gives us a task or promise without telling us when, why, how or where but that’s when God requires us to trust Him with all our heart. Here are some examples of these 4 questions in the bible.

*Abraham, Hannah, Joseph and Mary.


Abraham did not know where God was taking Him when He asked him to take his belongings and depart from the land he was living in but he trusted God. He also did not when he would recieve his son (Isaac) after God promised Him but He trusted Him and in the end recieved his son. [ •Read Gensis 12 and Gensis 17: 15-19]


Hannah did not know when she would have her son but she trusted God will give her the son she has been praying and weeping for; I want to remind you that God has not forgotten about you or the promise He has made for you and that all prayers he hears and your tears he sees so trust in Him cause His timing is perfect. [• Read 1 Samuel 1:9-20]


Joseph did not know why he went through what he went through but he trusted in God and God was with Him and it payed off in the end when he was placed in a position to help his brothers which links him to the dreams he had. Not only was he placed in a higher position than his brother like the dreams but he was placed there to be a miracle for the nation and his family. I have a strong feeling that 2018 is your time. Yes, you’ve been looked down on and been through the toughest of things in 2017 but right now in this moment, as you’re about to enter into 2018, God is doing something. You’re about to do things that will bring hope to your family, community, country and maybe even your nation. You’re about to be put in a position to change lives. Get Ready, Keep Trusting. [•Genesis 37-45]


Mary did not know how it was possible that she could give birth to God’s Son whilst she was a virgin but she trusted God’s plan. It is time to trust Him Fully because there is something deep in us that He wants to birth. Trust Him.


This was my last post for 2017 and I did it to remind you that in 2018, you need to trust Him Fully because there is a lot He wants to do through you.

Have a Happy New Year🎉🎉🎊

May God bless you all abundantly as you enter into the new year. May it be a prosperous one for you

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Lots of love from me, till next year💕

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