My Role models


Today I wanted to share who my role models/ the people who have directly and indirectly had an impact in my spiritual growth. I only have 6 role models and here they are:

1. Sarah Jakes Roberts


Sarah has had indirect impact on my spiritual growth. Her story of grace has changed my life for the better and through her story, I learn to be grateful for being found in God’s grace even when I seem to be lost in both the world and the pews. Her book Don’t Settle For Safe helped me realise that I should not settle in my fears, insecurities and step out to become bigger, better and stronger than before and become Unstoppable.  Check out her blog.

2. Cora Jakes Coleman


Cora’s story is a story of Faith that has helped me realise that Faith in God produce great things. She has had an impact on my faith through her book faithing it. Her story and mine are not the same but the God we serve is the  same. And this very same God brought her breakthrough, joy and peace through all the things that she was going through and that’s why I love her because she had the courage to share her faith to help others realise that Faith is key. This is her website.. check it out.

3. My Mommy❤

My mommy is one of those “all in one” type of women. Her courage, her strength and her intelligence are some if the reasons I love her. My mom is my mom and dad at the same time and she does a great job at it. She has endured through tough times without showing signs of struggle. She is amazing and I absolutely love her. I thank God for her every day. ( Mommy if you’re reading, I love you and Thank you for being you.

4. Tasha Cobbs Leonard


Tasha is my role model because of the way she places her all when she worships and she forgets about the world and her prime focus becomes God. I love her passion and drive for God and spreading the word through her music.  Check out her latest album Heart. Passion. Pursuit .

5.Kirk Franklin


Kirk Franklin has always been one of my favourite gospel artist of all time. His album Hello Fear, Losing My Religon and The Essential have been my favourites. Why I see him as my role model is because he always leaves his all in his music and his passion for spreading the word through his music.

6. Priscilla Shirer


The first time I heard of and saw Priscilla Shirer was through the movie  War Room.  Why I love her is because of her drive to help others grow closer to God and all her lessons just inspire me and help me grow spiritually. I encourage you to read her book Fervent.

Who are your role models??

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Be blessed and stay anointed Princesses👑

5 thoughts on “My Role models

  1. Sarah Jakes Roberts is mine too 🙌🙌🙌.
    Her story inspired and inspires me. + We have a LOT in common. My name is Sarah too, I’m the second daughter and a preacher’s kid, just to mention a few.
    Great post dear.
    You have the right role models, you’re headed for a great future.

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