Goodbye Fear, Hello Grace.

So there are these two “people”, the one is fear and the other is grace. Fear is the type of person who makes you feel miserable, indecisive, lazy, anxious, he is just never making any progress. Then Grace on the other is door-opening, opportunity giving, saving, it is what God uses to get us back into His frame.

In our lives, we fear way too many things and it is tough not to but God is telling us to be still and watch him work all things for your good (Romans 8:28). We will find ourselves on dry land roaming around in circles if we continue to doubt God by fearing.

No need when we are in Christ because He goes ahead for us to fight our battles. Remind fear that everytime he knocks at your heart’s door, that he is not welcome because the God you serve is way bigger than He is.If he has made it inside, its time to KICK HIM OUT, not like “I’m sorry, I had to do this but” situation but it is a GET OUT! situation.

It is time be strong and courageous in the Lord, You are almost at your Promise Land. Look at Psalm 27:1, trust Him even in fear. No human or anything can touchfor you have God on your side. Remember (John 14:27) that Jedus gives us peace and not worldly peace but His Peace, so why fear when you have Jesus’ peace.

You see once you’ve kicked out fear, God’s grace enter and is more than enough to sustain both you and I ( 2 Corinthians 12:9). The grace we recieve is unmerited favor from God. It saves us. It is a pure gift, How nice it is to have a gift that God gives us so recieve life again. In James 4:6, He says that we are given more and more grace but He gives to the one who are humble enough to recieve it.

Are you humble enough to recieve it? Or Are too impatient with God?

In the end, God will raise us up by His Power like raised the Lord to life ( Romans 6:14). I am ready to recieve life from God, humbly ready.

Are You?

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