With God…

“For nothing will be impossible with God.”
-Luke 1:37

So… last month I was telling my best friend that I would love to go on a plane and fly somewhere and that was just one of the many dreams I shared with her that day over the phone. I, Then, prayed about it and constantly in my prayers would mention to God my dreams😊. 

A month later…

My mom tells my sister and I that she is taking us to Durban and this time we’re not driving but flying😄😄😄🛩. The excitement that filled my heart and the countdown began until the day came and it was AMAZING!!! 

I wanted to mention that God hears every little thing even our dreams, big or small. I thank God that He has made my dream of being in a plane come true and more are to come. So whatever your dream is, I know that He can make yours come true🌸

Ohh! Sorry for not blogging in a while 🙈 Exams were in place but now they’re over and yay! I’m back❤

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